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This section of our web site features USA immigration news, publications and articles. The information is updated constantly and we invite you to visit us often in order to stay abreast of the USA immigration law and regulation changes.

November 13, 2012
Retiring Right: The Best Cities to spend the Best Years of Your Life

October 23, 2012
5 Things to Consider When Moving Cross-Country

July 30, 2012
Medical Identity Theft - 20 Ways to Protect Against Fraud

January 07, 2006
Bush Seeks Tougher Immigration Policy, Temporary Worker Program

September 25, 2005
2007 Diversity Visa Lottery Registration Begins

August 10, 2005
Homeland Security Agency Plans Major Reorganization

May 23, 2005
Machine-Readable Passport Requirements To Take Effect at U.S. Borders on June 26, 2005

April 12, 2005
New Passport Initiative Announced To Better Secure America’s Borders

February 16, 2005
Extension of Validity for Science Related Interagency Visa Clearances

January 10, 2005
Tsunami Orphans Should Remain in Their Communities, U.S. Says

December 27, 2004
Post-9/11 Visa System Fairer, More Efficient, More Predictable

November 29, 2004
U.S., Canada Implementing Bilateral Pact on Asylum-Seekers

November 29, 2004
Passport Alert System To Be Developed by U.S., Australia, Chile

November 11, 2004
U.S. Hopes to Move Forward on Migration Accord with Mexico

November 11, 2004
USA Diversity Visa Lottery Registration Begins

October 12, 2004
Senators Review U.S. Visa Policies

October 03, 2004
2006 U.S. Visa Lottery Opens in November

September 29, 2004
New Procedures Await Visa-Waiver Visitors to United States

September 14, 2004
U.S. Engaged in Extensive Outreach on Visa Waiver Program Requirements

August 30, 2004
International Visitor Registration System Enters Second Year

August 27, 2004
Initiative gives U.S. border inspectors more discretion to admit travelers

August 21, 2004
September, October Bring Changes in U.S. Border Procedures

August 15, 2004
Twelve Percent of U.S. Population Is Foreign Born

August 09, 2004
Biometric Exit Procedure Expanded, Says Homeland Security

July 23, 2004
2005 U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery Results Announced

July 23, 2004
Homeland Security Works to Improve USA Immigration Process

July 15, 2004
USA Visa Revocation Key Tool For Border Security

June 29, 2004
Stolen Passports a Serious Concern for US Visa Waiver Program

June 15, 2004
State Department Urges Delay in Passport Upgrade

June 14, 2004
Know Before You Go-Tips for Visitors to the United States

May 21, 2004
U.S. Modifies Visa Rules for Foreign Reporters

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