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To be considered under this category you need to be of good health, good character, have a reasonable standard of English and be no older than 55 years of age. You will also need to meet the threshold of 100 points to register an Expression of Interest.

Expressions of Interest submitted over a number of weeks will be pooled and ranked from highest to lowest points. It is not a case of first in, first served. NZIS will prioritize Expressions of Interest in terms of points claimed and, following some checking. Those with the top points will be invited to lodge an application for residence visa. If your Expression of Interest is not selected from the pool the first time it will remain in the pool for three months. If it is still unsuccessful, NZIS will tell you that your Expression of Interest has been withdrawn from the pool. You can lodge another Expression of Interest if you wish to.

The points system is designed to allow Expressions of Interest to be ranked so that the New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS) can extend invitations to apply for residence to those who have the most to offer New Zealand. Points are available for skilled employment in New Zealand, work experience, qualifications and age. Bonus points are available for employment, work experience and qualifications in identified areas of growth or absolute skill shortage or within identified clusters. Bonus points are also available for employment outside Auckland and for New Zealand qualifications gained in New Zealand over at least two years. Your partner?s employment and qualification can also gain bonus points.

NZIS will assess your application for residence against Government residence policy and look at your ability to settle successfully and make a real contribution to New Zealand's social and economic development. NZIS will also undertake further verification of some of the information you have provided in your Expression of Interest. Depending on how you are able to demonstrate your ability to settle in New Zealand successfully, your application can be approved with a residence visa or permit or a visa or permit which enables you to move from work to residence. It is then over to you to confirm your decision to come to New Zealand.


The objective of the business immigration policy is to attract migrants who will contribute to economic growth through:

  • increasing New Zealand's level of human capital; and
  • encouraging enterprise and innovation; and
  • fostering external links.

There are currently four business categories available:

Investor Category

The Investor Category is a points based system. This means you score points based on a number of factors such as age, business experience and investment funds. Your application will only be successful if you score sufficient points to meet the pass mark.

Entrepreneur Category

You may apply under the Entrepreneur Category if you have successfully established a business in New Zealand for a period of at least two years.

Long Term Business Visa/Permit

You may apply for a Long Term Business Visa/Permit if you are interested in applying for residence under the Entrepreneur Category. You may also apply under this category if you are interested in establishing a business in New Zealand but do not wish to live permanently in New Zealand. This is not a residence policy. You will be granted a work visa or permit for up to three years if your application is successful.

Employees of Relocating Businesses

You may apply under the Employees of Relocating Businesses category if you are a key employee of a business relocating to New Zealand. This category is set up to assist the promotion of New Zealand as a place in which to invest and locate business, by facilitating the granting of residence to employees of businesses relocating to New Zealand.


The objective of Family Category Policy is to strengthen families and communities, while reinforcing the Government's overall objectives in immigration policy.

The Family Category is available to you if you:

  • Are in a genuine and stable marriage or de facto relationship (whether heterosexual or same sex)with a New Zealand citizen or resident who sponsors their application; or
  • Have immediate family members who are New Zealand citizens or residents and who live permanently in New Zealand; and
  • Are the dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residents.

Family Quota Category

The Family Quota Category is available to those applicants:

  • who are not eligible for residence under any other category of residence policy; and
  • who are sponsored by a family member who is a New Zealand citizen or resident living permanently in New Zealand; and
  • whose sponsor's registration is drawn from the pool of people who have registered as sponsors under the Family Quota Category.

The Quota size will be announced each year.

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